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Warrior, Stand Tall
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This odyssey of two aroused men is one of Erin O’Quinn’s best in terms of exuberant, heart-pounding passion and in its journey from lust to love.

Gristle, fortyish and frustrated, is a man hard to love…by contemporaries and modern readers alike. He tries to remain aloof in every way except in the deep heart, where none may see. He’s in stern control of his emotions. He hides his jealousies and superstitions well, but they color his life in ways unbecoming a warrior.

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Wynn, spirited and frisky as a mountain pony, is in love and in lust with the man twice his age.  Fortunately for Gris, the young Welsh lad has a huge sense of humor. And his attraction lies far deeper than his foreskin.

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Here’s an excerpt never before published outside of the pages of the  novel:

Gristle awoke to the smell of sex and man-sweat—his own, and the boy’s, too. Pungent and alluring, the smell awakened his prick immediately, and it began to move next to Wynn’s naked thighs. His lover stirred, still dreaming. 

Reluctantly, Gristle walked outside the rough barracks to relieve himself. He had to thread his way among a score of cots filled with hulking shadows. It was still dark. He could hear the incessant call of the crickets, the same shrill love song he woke to every morning in Derry. When he returned to their screen-sheltered sleep chamber, he rustled around in his supply blanket, and purely by familiar touch, he pulled out his tinderbox.

He seized a handful of straw from the cot and struck the flint and steel next to it. Soon the flame in their candle wavered, casting enough light for Gristle to begin washing himself in the shallow basin. He and Wynn would seek the river later. For now, he wanted to put on fresh clothing without soiling them with his own smell, enough to shrivel a man’s nostril hairs.

By the time Wynn woke, Gristle was a Fox Fighter again. He wore a dark-dyed tunic, dark leggings, and a black headband that almost covered his startling hair.

“Morning, O slugabed. Wash and put on your new clothing.” Traherne had wisely brought him two sets of dark garments, and even an extra kerchief. Wynn rose from his place on the rough floor, shaking sleep from his head. He went outside for a few minutes and returned grinning.

“So. Ye’re telling me I stink. Is that it?”

“If I do, then you do, too. Wash up. We can take to the river later.”

He stood aside and watched his lover, secretly wearing an erection. He saw Wynn’s nipples stiffen and his chest muscles move as he splashed water from his chin to his groin hairs. Before the boy could pull on his tunic, Gristle was behind him, sucking a spot near the nape of his neck.

“Want you.”

Wynn splashed water onto him from the basin, pretending to pull away. 

“Ye’ll scar me with your bites and sucks. Who’ll love my body then?”

Gristle was back behind him, this time cupping his buttocks. “I will. God, Wynn, do not get me started.”

“On what?” He could hear the amusement in the boy’s voice. “On bites? Or on love?”

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Gristle bit down, tasting blood. The salty tang of it surged through his veins until he was pushing his arousal into Wynn’s muscular butt, seeking his crack. Even dry, he was frantic to enter the boy. 

Without a word, Wynn scooped a handful of water over his own crack then bent a little, inviting Gristle to penetrate him. Gristle had parted his tunic and was inside him in an instant, pushing and groaning, holding his butt. He saw that Wynn was aroused enough to seize his own cock and begin to stroke fast, keeping up with his breathless thrusts.

“Fuck me, love. Fuck me hard.” When Wynn moaned those words, Gristle exploded. Then he stood there for long moments, savoring the tremors, sucking again and licking where he had left blood before. When he pulled out and away, it was with great reluctance.

“You’ve bewitched me. Go away.”

Read this second Iron Warriors novel, and if you liked it, I would be thrilled with even a brief #review!

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