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Local kid Tony Grazzo, fresh out of college, comes back to Noble, Nevada for his mom’s funeral. One night he meets blue-eyed drifter Rick Hendrickson, and both their lives change forever. 

Tony, who has never had a gay encounter, finds that this man Rick is a keeper. Rick falls so hard for the handsome kid with an oversized, ah, mustache that he wants no one else the rest of his life.

What happens to make Rick leave, while Tony sits behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit? Can these two men reconcile, even while steel bars and the prison of anguished memories separate them?

So reads the promotion for my gay novel Noble, Nevada. Here’s an excerpt from about midway in the book, a scene where the two men are still experimenting with what makes the other feel good.

They undressed again, each standing across from each other at the sagging little bed. Tony thought he’d been drained last night, but now the semen seemed to be surging through his balls. He knew there was a viscous sheen on the tip of his cock. “Lay down, man. I got something to show you.”

Again, he found himself slipping into the easy speech he’d left behind when he’d left Noble. He no longer felt a need to sound like he was in a goddamn English class. He’d hone his language skills later, in a courtroom. He knew Rick wouldn’t judge him.

Rick stood on the other side of the bed and put one foot on the top, the same way he’d straddled the bar stool. Tony’s prick stirred when he saw his lover’s soft testicles hanging and his prick standing up. Rick was giving him a hard time, in more ways than one.

“You mean you want me to jump back into this sway-backed bed, Tone?”

Tony picked up the tube of K-Y gel. “Do it or I’ll put you there.”submit 290

“Don’t aggravate me, Tone. You’ll have to put me there.”

Tony walked right over the top of the bed. “Okay, man, you wanna pay the landlord for another bed, you go ahead and play hard to get.”

In one step, Tony had scaled the bed and jumped on Rick, keeping him in a chokehold while he wrestled him onto the bed. The bed moaned and caved. “Stop! Stop!” Rick was laughing. “Don’t break the goddamn thing. I yield!”

By now, Tony had his wrists pinned to the bed, and he was straddling the bigger man’s strong body.

“Then turn over, damn it, Rick. Turn over.”

He felt powerful. His cock felt like it weighed five pounds; it felt like a baseball bat. His balls were on fire, and Rick’s muscular chest was rising and falling under him. He didn’t know why it was so important to fuck Rick’s ass, but he wanted to show him how good it could be, how much he loved it where Rick had taken him last night. He didn’t want to be the “one on the bottom” all the time, and Rick needed to learn how he felt.

He lay across Rick’s chest and talked into his mouth. “C’mon, Rick. It’s all good. You won’t be any less a stud if you let me take you sometimes. Like now. I gotta have you right now.”

“Yes, I want to feel it, too.” He quieted suddenly and traced Tony’s mustache with his tongue. “Show me how it really feels, Tone. Make me come if you can.”


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