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Nevada Highlander has met with huge success. There’s just something about a bigger-than-life Scot, whether he’s wearing his native dress kilt; or whether he changes into Nevada cowboy boots, tight Levi’s and a stetson. And the man he falls for, the Colombian cop Alex, is as smoky-eyed and sexy as they come.

And hoo boy, do they come …

cboy truck 2

Here’s a scene when the guys stop along Highway 93, heading into Ely. Rory Drummond is horny as ever. Still early in their relationship, Alex Dominguez simply isn’t ready for the man’s direct way of declaring his interest. This scene is told from the Scot’s point of view.


They were approaching the strange little oasis he’d eyed on the way to the ranch this morning, a petrol station and eating establishment, standing as a traveler’s last relief on the road into Ely before the road began to curve into Connors Pass. His stubborn cock told him he needed that same final release.

“Alex. Pull behind that … general store? I need to take a piss.” His companion smiled and slowed, then banked in behind the quaint cluster of clapboard buildings and hand-made signs telling him this was “Major’s Place.”

He unclasped his seat belt. “We can go inside, you know. Drink some coffee, take a wiz.”

Rory shook his head and clambered out of the van, coming around to the driver’s side. He didn’t bother to shield his cock from Alex’s sight as he brought it out of the confining Levi’s, pissing damned near five feet from him as he watched his lover watch his prick, fighting the erection as his urine dribbled and sputtered into the dry ground.

Finally he could fight it no more. His dick had decided to stand sentinel out here in the fragrant brush, defying the cold wind, the distant hum of passing vehicles, and every effort Rory made to empty his bladder. Alex was too close, his own desire too adamant. He opened the passenger door, his Levi’s gaping open and his cock stiff as a brick.holy jeans

“You promised me a moment of privacy, laddie. I claim that moment for my own. Right now.” He reached to Alex, sliding an arm behind the small of his back. His other hand took the man’s denim crotch, his fingers in the crack and his thumb stroking the balls, easily bringing him from behind the wheel and into his chest.

The crotch was rock-hard, the chest was already heaving against his own as though in automatic denial. Alex pushed against his ribcage, his deep-set eyes defying this impetuous choice of love nest.

“Not here, damn it. Any freaking tourist could wander back here—”

“Don’t fight me, lad. This is more private than our damn cabin. I want you.” He buried his mouth in Alex’s jaw, biting and murmuring, reached his ear, fucked it wetly.

Alex was angry, he saw that immediately, and the anger was palpable enough to sing to his ready prick, fire his asshole a mile up his butt. “You can’t just grab me any goddamn time you feel like it. Get that straight. I’m not your ’ho. Understand?”

“Nay.” He began to finger the foogin buttons on Alex’s shirt, not even smarting when he slapped his hands away with a resounding smack. “Do that on my ass, lad, and I’ll come a mile high. God, yes, take down my trousers and show me how much you hate this.”

Alex was a strong man, almost as powerful as his determined assailant. Rory knew he had the advantage, because the place between his lover’s legs was so full of rock-hard cock the zipper had begun to gape open. No man so aroused would fight him until the bitter end. His desperate desire would overwhelm the instinct to fight back. He knew that fact intimately, and he used it.

He pinned Alex to the seat back and stared into the endless dark of his eyes. “Listen to me. The more you fight me, the more I want you. Want you to the foogin heart of me.” Something flickered in the man’s eyes, his tight mouth began to take on a loose, sulky pout. Instantly, Rory seized the advantage and began to bite the lower lip. He nibbled and gnashed, stroked and fondled until his lover’s tongue began to answer. First hesitant, still unsure. Next seeking its own vengeance, almost choking him with stabs of powerful need, then tearing at his mouth until they were both drawing blood and moaning.kiss m:m

Rory managed to lower his Levi’s to his thighs, then began to work on Alex’s button. He was thrashing and struggling, and his knee connected with his chin, sending a sharp pain all the way to the top of his skull. He felt his own grin widen as the hard blow served to channel his lust into single-minded intensity.

“Fight me, lad. I swear to God I’ll break your metal button. I’ll tear the zipper from these bloody trousers.” Alex relaxed for a few heartbeats, breathing hard, enough time for Rory to pull the Levi’s forcibly almost to his knees, exposing his sledgehammer of a cock.

“I want that up my ass.”


“Show me how much you hate it, lad.” In a few deft moves, he was sitting on Alex’s ramrod prick. He’d already palmed the gel from his Levi’s pocket, and now he opened the cap with his teeth then spat it onto the seat. With one hand, he smeared lube over every finger and began to probe and withdraw until he saw Alex’s eyes begin to glaze with the need for more, deeper.

“Show me how pissed you are. You prick.” He actually did not expect the stinging blow on his ass cheek which sent a crack of lightning into the farthest reaches of his ass. Now aroused fully as a maddened bull, desperate to encase that wedge of a wide cock, he grasped it, lubed it, and guided it straight up his butt.levi bum:ring

“No!” Alex’s cry came accompanied by another hard slap on the opposite cheek. His eyes watering at the intensity of his joy, Rory sank even deeper onto the blade of the man’s weapon, needing to explode, yet still wanting his lover to blow his seed to kingdom come, all the way to his prostate and beyond, to the gates of heaven.

Letting Alex’s thick cock coat his hole, he moved as a wave would seize the shore then recede, letting the instinctive rhythm intensify his lover’s cries. When he saw the orgasm begin to build in the man’s brooding eyes, he couldn’t stop pushing the invading cock ever inward, the spasms of his entire asshole gripping the length of his lover’s flesh while they screamed into each other’s mouth, a primal roar of release.

Afterwards, he straddled Alex and smoothed his cheeks, traced his handsome jaw bristled with morning beard. Some instinct told him not to speak, to let the man come to terms with being almost bloody raped. His near gentleness now was a need as powerful as his earlier frenzy to seize and be seized. The calm after the storm. Two deep needs, each balancing the other.

“You are a bastard and a bully.”

“Aye, lad.”

“That’s the last time you’ll get the better of me.”

Rory looked into his eyes, found a profound satisfaction there, and allowed himself a slight smile. “Good. I need to be taken down a few notches. You’re the only man I’ve ever met who could do it.” Alex relaxed a little, allowing Rory’s finger to continue its path along his jaw, down to the hollow of his throat.

“Do you think you have to make love like a bull elephant? Are you always so … abrupt in your sex habits?”

“Sex habits? I have none. And until you lad, I’ve never made love to a man.”

Enough. Let me not get this close, else I may never pull away.

He leaned a little and kissed Alex, as full of restrained passion as his torn lips would allow. “Time to find me a ten-gallon hat, Alex. All this riding has fired my need to be a cowboy.”


Find Nevada Highlander and its sequel, The Kilt Complex, at these friendly neighborhood links:

Nevada Highlander: Who’s on Whose Tail?
omnilit  https://www.omnilit.com/product-nevadahighlander-1370624-340.html

The Kilt Complex: High Crimes and Sexy Misdemeanors
omnilit  http://bit.ly/1tvfx7E

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tatt:kilt cover 1 zon copy

A rancher’s son goes to Scotland in search of his family roots. Fate brings him to the door of an oversized, cranky castle laird. After getting off on the wrong, er, boot…the men find something about each other to delve into more deeply. But fate can be a cruel matchmaker. 

Finding the Loch Ness monster…a contemporary #gay #romance- #fantasy novella.


They were close as a whisker. So close Hugh felt a movement of his kilt, where the guardian sporran used to be. It was now pulled to the side, and the lump he felt was not the man’s purse.

That was his signal.

He cupped the chin and brought Guthrie’s face to within an inch of his own. He raised his head only a little. Only a touch at first, a brushing of lips, a tongue running along the wide mouth, still shut, seeming not to yield.

Another truth came to him in another moment of wonder. This man has never had a real kiss before.

So softly it seemed to be almost unspoken, Hugh finally broke their long silence. “It’s okay. Open for me.”

first kiss C&K=pizap.com14273076818993


He found a small opening and breached it, sliding his tongue inside, and then his cock decided to try bursting from his suit pants. He moaned, and Guthrie opened his mouth wider. Hugh cupped the man’s jaws and entered his mouth, deep, his tongue searching the inside, slicking its way deeper. He pulled out a little, lingering on the bottom lip.

In a frenzy of need, he sank his teeth into the flesh of that lip, savoring the soft rush of blood, licking it clean.

He spoke into the wounded mouth. “Suck my tongue. Will you?”

The answering voice came low. “Call me Graeme.”

“Suck my tongue, Graeme.”


Kinde US: http://amzn.to/1SHlutk 

Kindle UK: http://amzn.to/23CzwIi 

Smashwords: http://bit.ly/1VujDiI


Following COWBOYS AND KILTS is another novel about a Scot and an American. But this time, the Scot is out of his element, and the American, a state trooper, is ironically the Highlander as both these guys meet and mate in Nevada’s highest mountain range. That book is NEVADA HIGHLANDER.

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