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Bedroom eyes and tight Levi’s…pickup trucks and plain settings… Erin O’Quinn returns to her native state. I’m reposting a post to celebrate my country boys’ new home in a Kindle series page!

nobdim covers banner correxMy Nevada novels have finally found a “series page” home on Amazon. A reader can find all three with just one click (see below).

Why is Nevada important to me?

I grew up almost literally on a sidehill on the state’s highest mountain, the daughter of a self-made miner. I was a truant and a tomboy, living like a mountain goat in the highlands of the Silver State.

Both my wild upbringing and my writing background have prepared me to be a recorder of people living in the dark ages (The Iron Warrior series), and in the wildass mountains of my native state, because that’s literally how I grew up—using kerosene lanterns, a well pump, an outhouse, and a wood-burning stove.

My “no frills” attitude has definitely spilled over into these works.

series leather thongHere’s a current promotion which I hope will give a brief idea of each book.

A battered Silverado…a Ram turbo  dualie…a Ford 350…Just some of the vehicles of the men you’ll meet in the Noble Dimensions series.

Noble, Nevada. The affair between them is fast and unrestrained, in spite of Tony’s awkward naivete and Rick’s shrouded history. But the past of both men returns to fracture their present life together. What happens to put one behind bars, while the other runs? If love hurts this bad, can it also heal?

The Chase. Start with a smart-ass gay named Brew, back home in the hick town of Noble, Nevada for a few weeks. Blend in a shy man a few years older named Chase, unsure of his sexuality and buried in work on his dad’s ranch. Throw these two guys together. Stir in a crooked federal agent, a homophobic father…you get an adventure, a chase, and an erotic trip to the “new old west” of Nevada.

A Hard Place (novella). In the rugged Paiute Mountain range some fifty miles from Noble, a game warden encounters two poachers. One is a falconer with feral eyes who’s out to seduce him. The other is out to kill him.

no frills 3 in levisgay romance action- adventure, heat level 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶

Series page:
~Noble Dimensions



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