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This is the first of a few blogs about my newest novel. THE KILT COMPLEX is the sequel to the very successful NEVADA HIGHLANDER.

NH in snow-pizap.com14196192788871

In the first book, castle laird Rory Drummond, a big man with huge sexual appetites, meets a quiet, shy man named Alex Dominguez. Alex is a Nevada State Trooper who, unknown to the Scot, has been assigned to stay on his tail while he’s playing at being a tourist. The inevitable happens—Rory falls arse-over-bollocks for the man who’s supposed to report on his every move. Oops!

Who’s tailing whom?

The sequel was released January 1. Here is the blurb from inside the cover:

Scottish high crimes and sexy misdemeanors …

killer-pizap.com14186745713861The Kilt Complex finds former state trooper Alex Dominguez out of his element—on the shore of a distant sea, far from the comfort of his Nevada mountains, guilt-plagued for rejecting the bed of his handsome lover. Castle laird Rory, whose life mantra has always been “cum and go,” is uncharacteristically flustered by his own deepening feelings for dark-eyed Alex.

The singular act of Alex’s moving out of the castle seems to spark both men to come to terms with their intense love affair. Can each of them overcome deep-seated guilt and build a solid relationship on the hot coals of desire?

Tracking the story of a lost dog, the men become enmeshed in a deadly chain of events. From the perilous cliffs on the North Sea to the grounds of the Scottish Parliament, and from the luxury of a millionaire’s digs to the rude oak barrels of a native fisherman, Rory and Alex find they must finally confront their complex feelings for each other in order to survive the trap of a killer.

Plain to see, this novel is both a love story and a mystery-thriller.


Below is an image of both covers, designed by Dreams2Media (Rebecca Poole).

dbl covers nh&hp-pizap.com14200568794101 copy


Nevada Highlander: Who’s on Whose Tail?

The Kilt Complex: High Crimes and Sexy Misdemeanors

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