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An oversized, shy and handsome Scot named Graeme Guthrie meets a cowboy-booted tourist from Nevada. Graeme is painfully introverted, bolted inside the closet; and Hugh has turned his back on the intangible called “love.” It’s a match made in, um, both Scotland and Nevada.

Their meeting and subsequent interaction is told in my short story “Cowboys and Kilts, ” to be published by Amber Quill Press on December 22.CowboysKilts 4x6

Stay tuned for excerpts and updates.

Following COWBOYS AND KILTS will come another novel about a Scot and and American. But this time, the Scot is out of his element, and the American, a state trooper, is ironically the Highlander as both these guys meet and mate in Nevada’s highest mountain range. That book is NEVADA HIGHLANDER.

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Hi, gay lit fans. This short post is my way of introducing the whole blog.

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“The Man in Romance” is dedicated to just that—the play of men together in a relationship. The photos are almost all images of couples, and the books I have written are about two men together. An exception might be Warrior, Ride Hard, in which a third man plays a prominent role. But that man’s romance was ten years prior to the action of the novel. So my books never explore any sexual intimacy beyond the bonding of two, in a HEA or HFN relationship.

Need I say, for the sake of moral safeguards, that the content of this post is mature? If you are reading this, and you are under the age of 18, you need to get a life. The content is not meant to titillate,  but to entertain on a very adult level.

Please see the page at the top called “My Gay Novels” for a list of relevant works and buy links. You’ll also see chapters devoted to subjects I find interesting.

There’s a step-son of this blog called Ac´cent Gay Lit Authors. From time to time, I will invite authors whom I find fascinating, each for a different reason. Stay tuned, and be prepared to be entertained. That link is http://gaylitauthors.wordpress.com/

Happy reading and viewing!

~Erin O’Quinn


A Postscript: Update July 7, 2013

FREE: The Behind Closed Doors Man-Up Collection . . . sample chapters, excerpts, links to authors and their websites. The best in the M/M, gay lit, romance, paranormal, dark urban fantasy, and transgressive genres.

 Amber Allure and Siren author Erin O’Quinn and three other writers offer some of their most tantalizing scenes for your reading pleasure. Here’s your link:



Reviews: The good, the bad, the one with a wart on its testicle

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We authors seem to spend our post-publication days in a kind of limbo: hoping and praying, on the one hand, for positive reviews; and ducking the radar in case some kestrel-eyed critic decides today’s the day to blast us into smithereens.

And so a rating anywhere from a 4.0 to the lofty 5.0 is good. More than good, a score like that calls for celebration and sharing among one’s friends and acquaintances. Anything below 4.0? Not so much. Time to pretend that review never happened, to scuff it under the rug.

So far, knock on virtual wood, I’ve been lucky. I’ve had a few busting-all-out accolades like “dazzling” and “driven.” And I’ve received enough thumb’s up to keep a gladiator penciling in a date for tomorrow at the Coliseum.

The reviews I most cherish are those that come either from someone I do not know, or from a person known for acerbic opinions. The reviewer “Alex” from RainbowReviews comes to mind; I know him now, but I didn’t then. Add “Beach Bum” Diane from Sand in my Shoes Reviews, who’s been known to remark that she writes “take no prisoners” reviews.  Thanks, folks, for seeing enough positive to make me demand a raise from my publisher. (Not.)

I also enjoy the reviews that pop out of nowhere and point me in directions I had been avoiding. Leslie from Jesse Waves has taught me that even a comedic treatment of love calls for deep sensitivity on the part of both partners. Toni S. has taught me not to repeat a scene from a different point of view—get on with the action, already!

In a mode of all-out self serving egotism, I’ve put a few of the better-written reviews on this blog (see chapter titles above). Hey, I’m starved for attention. And besides, it’s my blog.

For you out there counting the mixed metaphors—I hope that wart shows right through your underwear. Nyah nyah nyah.

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