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Aidan Williamson is good-looking young constable, smarter than most, in a Highlands village named Ballater. That tiny hamlet rubs elbows with Balmoral Castle, the Queen’s annual summer retreat. And Police Scotland is getting nervous…

In the novella Where There’s Smoke, Aidan is plucked from his day job and offered a position as undercover sergeant detective for the CID, Scotland’s version of, um, Scotland Yard-cum-MI5. His first adventure takes him on an exhausting trek to Devil’s Point, where a young hiker has been killed. It’s also where he meets Kenneth Logan.

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The sequel Deep Fury begins the morning after the night before. Here’s the Introduction:

A mystery to make the Queen blush…

With the Queen due for her annual visit to Balmoral Castle, Constable Aidan Williamson has been transformed overnight into an undercover detective. He’s managed to emerge from his first case (Where There’s Smoke) with only a bullet wound and a few other scars no one can see.

This time around, he’s in the close company of three murder suspects—a writer’s publicist, a widowed husband, and a hot Scot who’s their paid guide. And this time he has two assets. One is his old constable partner Mike Murphy, mad Irishman. The other is Logan, another smoking-hot Scot, who always seems to catch Aidan off guard but always has his back.

At the Widow’s House of Queen Victoria on a lake in the Highlands…and in his own private life…there’s a smoldering deep fury at work, and Aidan’s determined to get to the bottom of it.

Postscript: Deep Fury is also a brand of lube, one I invented in a previous novel called The Chase. So of course, I have a good time playing with those words, and with some verra interesting men.

The blog article right before this one (“Book Burning”) contains an excerpt from the work, one that got me into Facebook Jail for a while. Find it here: https://bit.ly/2XAR9qn

Anyway, without further fanfare, I give you Aidan Undercover 2, available at the venues of all the usual suspects.

david & goliath


Amazon US https://amzn.to/2XyEMjk

SeaToSky https://bit.ly/2NMlanB

Smashwords https://bit.ly/2JtBqWh

QueeRomance Ink: https://www.queeromanceink.com/book/deep-fury/

flame on whte

In case you missed the first novella, check here:

WS odyssey

Kindle US https://amzn.to/2Io45dK 

Kindle UK https://amzn.to/2Io45dK 

SeaToSky (pdf or epub) https://bit.ly/2Z4wKeu

Smashwords (epub)  https://bit.ly/2HYByfz

QueeRomance Ink (links, excerpt, etc.) https://bit.ly/31iqNMM

WTS zon 1 copy

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The Burns! series by Erin O’Quinn: Mysteries wrapped in a unique love affair wrapped in a time warp…

This series started as a comment here and there from readers of my Nevada Highlander trilogy.  A character named Thomas Fitzgerald—blond, blue-eyed, a cop helping out in a district far from his own—this “runaway” Irishman snagged the attention of a lot of people. And so I sat down one day and just started typing.

Thomas has just left Montrose, driving the A92 south to his home base in Dundee, Scotland. He’s tired. His mind wanders to the friends he’s made and the bad guys he’s helped bring to justice. And then something happens that will change his life completely, and the life of a stranger standing alongside the road.

Sharp-eyed readers will find my drafts of the first four chapters in the top of this blog, the writing that became Burns Too Deep, the first of six novellas and a novel.

The response to that first one was explosive. My jaw dropped. I had penned the beginning of a mystery whose answer I had none. But I had won a lot of fans waiting  for a sequel—if any. Would the men find each other again?

burns revus=pizap.com14418486487542 copy

My jaw had dropped, but my pen was handy, so I picked it up again. One novella became two. And as the men’s relationship became more complex, two more followed. Whoa! In all, it took a slow two years before the six-novella set was complete, published one by one as I completed each.

I also pubbed these titles in two box sets later so that folks didn’t have to buy them one by one. But it seems one by one is the more popular choice.

The final two novellas shocked a lot of people. Hell, they shocked me too. The story had become more than a straightforward narrative. Somehow, time itself had warped. Was Burns really gone? And if not, was this “new” Scot, this enigmatic Burns, the same man Thomas had fallen in love with?

The novellas begged for a final resolution. So I settled one last time in front of my keyboard. It was November, the month of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Now or never. Let these mysteries be resolved at last, by a writer who still had no effing clue how to solve them.

For many of those who’d read the novellas, I think the novel kind of slid past unnoticed. Blame it on my own sickness. And on my poor choice of title/cover. I’ve changed those, and I’m recovered from my illness.

mini correx!

So let me stress here today: the final novel is a tale involving time travel, the gallows, comedy, sex, Poldark-era breeches, a ghastly prison, a lovely home on Rose Street in New Edinburgh…  And a lot more.

It’s definitely one of my best writing efforts and best-researched novels. Give it a try!

CAML newest

Your blurbs and links!

Mysteries wrapped in a unique love affair wrapped in a time warp…


Blond, blue-eyed Thomas Fitzgerald is an undercover cop for Police Scotland. Uneducated, introverted, he hides his good looks under a gawd-awful hoodie, still running from a traumatic boyhood in his native  Ireland. The Scot Burns is a scholar, an impeccable dresser whose smoldering dark features “arrest” the cop completely. But Burns…secretive to a fault…is running from the law. They meet. What could go wrong? And what might finally go right for both of them?

The Burns! Mysteries… In the space of six novellas and one novel, Thomas and Burns experience lust and love, crime and punishment as they swivel from the edge of death to the verge of ecstasy. And back again.

BURNS TOO DEEP: An undercover cop encounters a very desirable man who’s running from the law. What could go wrong?

THE DUNDEE LAW: The men step far too close to a shallow grave, on an ancient burial mound in Dundee.

RED, RED ROSE: Under the roof in a gabled Victorian house in Edinburgh lie old crimes and new desires.

THE DEVIL IN FALKIRK: The men spiral apart, felled by the devil of distrust and misunderstanding.

THE UNICORN’S SECRET: The Hunt for the Unicorn brings someone even closer to the edge of another shallow grave.

THE BURNS ENIGMA: Searching for a man he thought forever lost, Thomas finds that a new lover is even better—and more imperiled— than he could ever imagine.

COME AGAIN, MY LOVE: An old wynd in modern Edinburgh leads to the 18th century, where the two men try to save a man from the gallows. Along the way, they have to confront their own buried secrets…


bo burns final

#gay #erotic #mystery #romance some #paranormal elements

Can be purchased singly on this Kindle series page:

~Burns! Mysteries (6 novellas)


Heat level very high 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Not being a novella, COME AGAIN, MY LOVE is separate, here:

#gay #erotic #romance #mystery #historical #contemporary #timetravel #action #paranormal

Kindle US  http://ow.ly/TeG2307Bj6o





Look for the money-saving #boxsets too!

Box Set 1


Kindle US http://ow.ly/ISpX304tGTg 

Kindle UK http://ow.ly/yuyl304tGHP 

ARe/OmniLit http://ow.ly/2sRi304tH2e (pdf or epub)

Smashwords http://ow.ly/SeLA304tHhR 


Kindle US http://tinyurl.com/h5sm47o  

Kindle UK http://tinyurl.com/jzd7blz   

Inside Romance (epub or pdf) https://insideromance.com/products/burns-box-set-two 

Smashwords http://tinyurl.com/gp7jrnm  (epub) 

Queer Romance Ink https://www.queeromanceink.com/book/burns-box-set-2/


Cover art by Erin O’Quinn, box designs by Alex A. Akira www.alexaakira.org 


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