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Close to halfway through Sleeping with Danger…Rory and Alex encounter mystery piled upon mystery, signs of violence and tenderness too, while searching for traces of a missing man. Both of them are profoundly affected by their discoveries. In this passage, anger and sorrow come to  the surface, even as they explode in passion.

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Their kiss was savage. Alex seized his lower lip and bit, hard, while gripping his hair at the scalp. Surprised, Rory grabbed his wrists; but his lover, wild and struggling, would not let go. Dropping to his knees, he sank onto the sleeping bag, bringing Alex down with him.

You want blood, lad? I’ll give you blood.

Seizing his upper arms, he forced the struggling man onto his stomach and sat on him. Panting and cursing, he leaned over Alex’s back and sank his teeth into the muscle mass over his shoulder blade while holding the straining butt cheeks in the vise of his thighs.

He moaned with the pleasure of the coppery tang in his mouth and the guttural shout from the one underneath him, astonished at the weight of his erection, loving the fierce tight urgency of his own balls, ready to explode all over the man’s goddamn back.

“I swear my cock will rip your ass in two, Alex. Stop fighting me.”

Alex’s buttocks stopped bucking. Off guard, he leaned down to tongue the asshole. Alex exploded in a cyclone of cursing, rearing, trying to roll over, failing, cursing more.

Chíngate! Fuck you, leave me alone!” He was sobbing, shouting, feral in his anger…so irresistible Rory almost shot cum before his cock could find a hot home inside his ass.

And when he found the hole, he rammed. Hard. Relentless, angry now too, he laughed and wept at the same time.

“Fuck you too, corazón, you bastard, you fucking hot-ass, fuck you all the way to your goddamn tailbone.”

They both came in a hoarse, wordless torrent of bloody spit and cum.

After a very long time, he heard Alex mutter, “Your father will kill us both when he sees this sleeping bag.”

“I love you too, Alejo. Get some sleep.”

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