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sh banner title1While writing my *latest novel, I fell in love. Again.

Right now, I’m recounting the tale of three men, as follows:

Stag Heart tells the intertwined story of three men who have come together by some kind of divine tossing of the dice.

Dub is a scholar-warrior seeking peace in an often brutal world.
Fergus is the bad boy son of a king who needs to learn how to become a man.
Oisean is an innocent, a wilding whose soul stirs in rhythm with raw nature.

These three are forced by circumstance to live and learn and even survive together on Ireland’s sacred Hill of Tara, where mischief and mayhem lie hidden by ancient stones.

Let me share the opening words with you. But be patient…this is not the kind of gay romance where throbbing cocks take center stage. They will come, but in their very sweet time.

Fadò…long ago, in the forests of Caledonia…
Dub looked up from his parchment, and his quill ceased its swift track across the page. These days, the slightest sound put his every sense on alert, since his brother had come to live with him. He let his awareness seek the corners of the room, where the candle cast only the rippling shape of his own shadow.

He had heard the sound of deep, even breathing, light as wind on water or as snow on snowfall. Someone was here, in his inner chamber—somehow.

He let one hand rest lightly on the hilt of the flint knife in its sheath while his right hand continued its journey on the stiff parchment.

…Where deer and waterfowl and hunter drank from the same dark pool…
As he wrote, he let his eyes trace every contour shaped by the tiny leaping flame until he learned where his shadow ended and another began. Smiling, he dropped the swan’s quill, whose tip had run dry anyway.


The word, with its long “U” and sibilant sheeen, was a poem in his ears, as this young man was music in his eyes. Usheen.

“Let me see you, O Brother.”

oisean w trees
What had been a shadow rose slowly, as a tendril of smoke from a fire pit rises to the ceiling hole. Dub saw a man in his middle twenties with sable hair tumbled over wide shoulders, a youth whose delicate features and restless eyes still inflicted pain in his heart, after all these years of losing his darling, his breath, his Beatha.

Even in the dimness of the room, Dub saw his wife’s eyes reflected in those of her young brother…hazel, with a hint of storm-gray. Those eyes seemed to call forth the very spirit of the woods where until recently Oisean had made his only home. Beatha had always been the breath of bluebells; and her younger brother, the soul of man-shy deer.


sh collageThis article is the opening of  Chapter One, “Dubthach,” to be continued on this blog site.
* Warrior, Come Again, last novel of a trilogy, here:
~The Iron Warrior

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One helluva ride: get into The Chase!

The Man in Romance

wwest noose 406


Chase sat staring into his computer screen. He brought up a new document from his iMac “Pages” icon and set the title to boldface, centered.

Buffalo Ryder

He sensed Brew behind him, then felt his warm breath just behind his right ear. Without acknowledging the sudden stirring of his crotch, he began to write the words that had kept him awake half the night.

Crane Ryder felt a deep exhaustion between his shoulder blades, a pain that increased with every step of his horse. It finally curled in his lower back like a rattler, nestled on his raw nerves. The figure in front of him walked with a stiff back that belied his own fatigue. Ryder knew the half-breed Indian was at least as shit-ridden with pain as he was, because he’d walked a few steps ahead of his horse, hands lashed behind his back, the last two days.


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Leather and Levi’s…pickup trucks and plain settings… Erin O’Quinn returns to her native State.

nobdim covers banner correxMy Nevada novels have finally found a “series page” home on Amazon. A reader can find all three with just one click (see below).

Why is Nevada important to me?

I grew up almost literally on a sidehill on the state’s highest mountain, the daughter of a self-made miner. I was a truant and a tomboy, living like a mountain goat in the highlands of the Silver State.

Both my wild upbringing and my writing background have prepared me to be a recorder of people living in the dark ages (The Iron Warrior series), and in the wildass mountains of my native state, because that’s literally how I grew up—using kerosene lanterns, a well pump, an outhouse, and a wood-burning stove.

My “no frills” attitude has definitely spilled over into these works.

series leather thongHere’s a current promotion which I hope will give a brief idea of each book.

A battered Silverado…a Ram turbo  dualie…a Ford 350…Just some of the vehicles of the men you’ll meet in the Noble Dimensions series.

Noble, Nevada. The affair between them is fast and unrestrained, in spite of Tony’s awkward naivete and Rick’s shrouded history. But the past of both men returns to fracture their present life together. What happens to put one behind bars, while the other runs? If love hurts this bad, can it also heal?

The Chase. Start with a smart-ass gay named Brew, back home in the hick town of Noble, Nevada for a few weeks. Blend in a shy man a few years older named Chase, unsure of his sexuality and buried in work on his dad’s ranch. Throw these two guys together. Stir in a crooked federal agent, a homophobic father…you get an adventure, a chase, and an erotic trip to the “new old west” of Nevada.

A Hard Place (novella). In the rugged Paiute Mountain range some fifty miles from Noble, a game warden encounters two poachers. One is a falconer with feral eyes who’s out to seduce him. The other is out to kill him.

no frills 3 in levisgay romance action- adventure, heat level 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶

Series page:
~Noble Dimensions



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laid back clouds

This is not the most explicit passage in Warrior, Come Again. But it shows the closeness of two lovers who have been through much together, and who will go through more as this final novel unravels.

From  the chapter “Hammer and Steel”:


“Stand, and let me take your place.”

Wynn’s gut lurched, and with it, his cock. He stifled a teasing reply, sensing Gristle’s tense mood. In one swift move, he stood on the opposite side of the bed and watched the iron warrior settle onto the animal pelts, face up. By the light of the oil lamp he watched his lover’s cock, shiny with early juice, shift and rise, a mute appeal that sent blood rushing into his own stiffening flesh.

“Now. Come sit on my face.”

No matter how often he and Gris made love, each time was the first time. He let that thought shift and pull at his mind as he straddled the man beneath him, allowing his groin to nestle in the light stubble on his cheeks and chin, trembling at the touch of his teeth, his tongue, his feather-soft lips…the pull and release of practiced fingers on his sac…and then the slow, subtle intrusion of those fingers, now ramrod stiff, probing his core, becoming more insistent as his cock wallowed in Gristle’ mouth…

He had emptied himself not even half an hour ago, and yet damned if Gristle had not found some way to bring him to high-pitched need. Trying to fight back, he surrendered, there in the wavering light, in a bed reserved for giants. He roared his pleasure, ramming his hips hard, harder into the cave that was Gristle’s bottomless maw.

2 men:shadows copy

Third of the Iron Warrior trilogy.

MM erotic ancient Ireland & Britannia MayDecemberRomance StandaloneNovel

Kindle US https://tinyurl.com/y738734n
Kindle UK https://tinyurl.com/yasat72y
Sea to Sky (pdf or epub) https://tinyurl.com/yaz4xatg
Smashwords (epub) https://tinyurl.com/y9kopsol

For those who’d like to start at the beginning, here’s a link to all three novels. Each can be read as a stand-alone, but of course the men’s relationship grows and changes as the books continue.
Warrior, RideHard
Warrior, StandTall
Warrior, Come Again


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The Man in Romance

A forty-year-old veteran Roman soldier. A twenty-year-old Welsh pony trainer. The story of their meeting, their coupling, their loss and re-discovery of each other, are told in The Iron Warrior series of historical M/M romances Warrior, Ride Hardand Warrior, Stand Tall.

In WARRIOR, STAND TALL the older man has been held captive beneath a dolmen, a kind of megalithic tomb near holy Tara in ancient Ireland. Going back there with his lover Wynn, he remembers his captivity.


dolmen 500As soon as they had walked into the chamber of stone, Gristle felt an echoing stillness. This is where he had lain, almost accepting death. Here is where the sky, a massive lintel stone, had pressed into his chest and weighed on his mind, bringing him close to the calm of oblivion.

He felt again the mote of his inner strength that had escaped his weak flesh. He saw it again…

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Well, a lot has transpired in a year. Not to bore you, but life happens…bad elections, expired contracts, backlog of re-writes, health issues, yada yada. Bottom line: Erin O’Quinn is back with two all-new re-releases…and a brand-spanking-new title.


The 5-year contracts finally expired on my Iron Warrior duo, and  so I scrubbed them like a good mom and put them back on the bookshelf. See links below. But most important: this past November during Nanowrimo, I was free to write the final book in the series.

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Just published! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Each man must come again—whether he wants to or not.

Four warriors return to a place ten years burned into their past, along with a fifth wheel who has his selfish reasons: Two secret lovers… A priest-in-training… The high king’s wise man… And one full of secrects who, in spite of his own fear and deceit, cannot turn from the trail of a desirable man.

Third of the Iron Warrior trilogy.

MM erotic ancient Ireland & Britannia MayDecemberRomance StandaloneNovel

Kindle US http://amzn.to/2n3ojQ7
Kindle UK http://amzn.to/2DAaJOs
Sea to Sky (pdf or epub) http://bit.ly/2n1frcN
Smashwords (epub) http://bit.ly/2DDap0y


For those who’d like to start at the beginning, here’s a link to the first two novels. Each can be read as a stand-alone, but of course the men’s relationship grows and changes as the books continue.


Don’t miss an explicit passage from the novel, right here on this blog. Go  to “Not Safe for Facebook”: http://bit.ly/2rL8n9J

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A Rainbow Bridge, the full-grown child of Thomas and Burns, has just entered the world. The first six adventures were novellas, each appearing roughly every quarter over the past couple of years. Each was a complete story; but with every successive novella the story of a blunt cop and a reclusive Scot slowly unraveled…until in the final two novellas, all hell broke loose.

two-explosive-useI always try to make every work a stand-alone. In this case, I’ll admit the current novel is made more rich if you were to invest $2.99 and buy Box Set 2. Those novellas are The Unicorn’s Secret (#5) and The Burns Enigma (#6).

The “paranormal” or fantasy side of life is almost natural for me. My first eight novels (four YA-adult crossovers and four M/F romances) built a complex fantasy out of the fabric of Britannia and Old World Ireland. Much later, the Gaslight Mysteries laid bare a totally invented world:  Dun Linden, Ireland, the home of post-steampunk PIs Michael and Simon.

In A Rainbow Bridge, Thomas and Burns literally stumble upon an astonishing gate to the 18th century Edinburgh of Robert Burns. There they meet the man Stevenson used as his model for “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” one hundred years later.


This is more than a story of a man doomed to the gallows. I’ve also tried to enrich and deepen the relationship between two men who love each other, but who have their private reasons for keeping it to themselves.

I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy this novel. Here are your links:

Kindle US http://amzn.to/2iWI0Zt
Kindle UK http://amzn.to/2iyprtH
PayHip (epub or pdf) https://payhip.com/b/5TpR
Smashwords (epub) http://bit.ly/2hH3k4R

If you feel a review bubbling up after reading the book, I welcome your thoughts.

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