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A Rainbow Bridge, the full-grown child of Thomas and Burns, has just entered the world. The first six adventures were novellas, each appearing roughly every quarter over the past couple of years. Each was a complete story; but with every successive novella the story of a blunt cop and a reclusive Scot slowly unraveled…until in the final two novellas, all hell broke loose.

two-explosive-useI always try to make every work a stand-alone. In this case, I’ll admit the current novel is made more rich if you were to invest $2.99 and buy Box Set 2. Those novellas are The Unicorn’s Secret (#5) and The Burns Enigma (#6).

The “paranormal” or fantasy side of life is almost natural for me. My first eight novels (four YA-adult crossovers and four M/F romances) built a complex fantasy out of the fabric of Britannia and Old World Ireland. Much later, the Gaslight Mysteries laid bare a totally invented world:  Dun Linden, Ireland, the home of post-steampunk PIs Michael and Simon.

In A Rainbow Bridge, Thomas and Burns literally stumble upon an astonishing gate to the 18th century Edinburgh of Robert Burns. There they meet the man Stevenson used as his model for “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” one hundred years later.


This is more than a story of a man doomed to the gallows. I’ve also tried to enrich and deepen the relationship between two men who love each other, but who have their private reasons for keeping it to themselves.

I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy this novel. Here are your links:

Kindle US http://amzn.to/2iWI0Zt
Kindle UK http://amzn.to/2iyprtH
PayHip (epub or pdf) https://payhip.com/b/5TpR
Smashwords (epub) http://bit.ly/2hH3k4R

If you feel a review bubbling up after reading the book, I welcome your thoughts.

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A quiet cop and a reclusive Scot meet again, this time in a novel. Um, actually they wake up together the morning after O’Quinn’s novella The Burns Enigma. The work is A Rainbow Bridge, constructed during this year’s NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). The images you see here are ones I’ve posted on my Facebook page, based on my research for the work.

Briefly, the idea is this: What would happen if someone were to go back in time, to the age of one’s own famous ancestor, to stop the hanging of an innocent man? How could such an act be reconciled with history? And what might happen if thearb-collage-2pizap-com14810437063862 ancestor—in this case, the poet Robert Burns—was part of that doomed man’s own past?

The date is September 30, 1788. At eight o’clock on the following morning, a man  is to be hanged for the crime of burglary. The man, well known in the annals of Edinburgh history, is Deacon William Brodie. He’s so well known that there are at least two popular tourist spots on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile dedicated to his memory. He was also the model for Stevenson’s immortal “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”

History says he died on the gallows on October 1, 1788. But what is the real story? And how do two contemporary men fit into this re-telling of history?

The reticent undercover detective Thomas Fitzgerald is already deeply in love…with a man who has just met him in an “alternate reality.” Tight-lipped and uptight as he is, a confession is out of the question. And Burns, not quite the same man he fell in love with, is afraid that his caped hero may misunderstand his own “insta-love.”

How can two stubborn men find that elusive bridge that spans then and now and tomorrow? This is where quantum entanglement, a kind of time-travel, enters the story—the bridge that connects past, present and future.

Follow Thomas and Burns across that bridge, and find out how their journey jeapordizes the very fabric of Burns’ existence.

The novel should debut on Tuesday, January 2…barring a stroke of fate. I ‘ll post links on this blog when the work goes live.

A previous post, an explicit first draft of chapter one, is here:


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utah-promo-blogpizap-com14770843221011A rebirth… I’ve just published a story born of my own history, and I feel the pull of ancient roots as I tell it. The setting is Hogum, shown below on a Google map inset —a place that not only exists but was named after one of my forefathers’ penchant for “hogging” other miners’ gold claims on this very spot.


Wheeler Peak, where I lived as a child, rises in the background.

Utah is a solitary Native American man who lives on the verge of nowhere, a huddle of tiny trailers in the foothills of Nevada’s highest peak. He is a medicine singer, a Paiute truth-seeker who thinks of himself as a happy man. Although inexperienced, he also knows he’s gay. So true happiness lies just beyond the reach of his Spirit Song.

One day, injured, he is rescued by a stranger who soon begins to teach him the nature of healing and of physical joy. The long-haired and oddly-dressed stranger is a throwback to the 70s’ hippie culture Utah has only heard about. And he begins to heal Utah in ways the young man has never even dreamed of.

Utah awakens on Christmas Eve to find his mysterious new friend missing. The man has only a thumbnail of a trailer, and no pickup, so his disappearance is alarming. What will happen when Utah sets out to find Kris in the dark, in a snowstorm, while the children of the world wait for Santa?

The story is a re-write and re-release of one I wrote under the title “Merry Christmas, Utah.” That publisher closed its doors, and so I present it to the world one more time in the hope you will lift your mouth in a smile, and feel the spirit of a young native American man’s first real Christmas…even perhaps a new beginning for all the children of the world.

Here are the links:

utahcoveromniKindle US: http://amzn.to/2ea69r2
Kindle UK: http://amzn.to/2dXDKCx
ARe/OmniLit: http://bit.ly/2er7gDa (epub or pdf)
Smashwords: http://bit.ly/2eBbZQj (epub)

A gay erotic fantasy

Price 99c

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There’s no damn place on Facebook to post explicit passages of my work. So here’s the second part of the post I put up yesterday, “A Rainbow Bridge, Under Construction.”

twosexy copy


“Sleep now. You’ve been through a lot.”

Burns’ mouth sought his ear. “And you have not? The adventure has roused my blood, Thomas. I need you.”

Here in the darkness of the room, lit only by moonglow on the high ceiling, he felt emboldened. This Burns pretended to be no poet, but every word he uttered seemed to Thomas to hold a lyrical cadence and the sensuous promise of reaching some impossible heaven.

“Tell me…tell me more.”

“I’ve lived long enough without you, lad. I need to cross over.”

“Over what, Burns?”

“Over your ass. Over your deepest love spot.”

Their tongues met, and Thomas felt the thrust of a too-large weapon. The man’s cock, the mythic horn, stabbed his thighs and burned his groin.

“What, um, what spot is that?”

And then his lover was biting his mouth, drawing blood.

“Och, love spot, damn ye, Thomas. Turn over.”

Burns had no way to know, the word love in his poet’s mouth was sweet and sexy, another dream he desperately needed to hold onto, in case he awoke again alone.

“Say it again…”

“Then let me tell you secrets while my cock reaches deep.”

He turned onto his stomach, welcomed Burns riding his back like a jockey wedded to his horse.

“Like hooves to a racehorse, Thomas Fitzgerald.”

Hearing those words, his rectum flared and caught hold.

“You remembered.”

The voice in his ear was laced with frantic need.

“I never forget words of love. Squeeze tighter, tighter, I want to blow my cum up inside you. I want to love your impossibly tight ass.”

As if the words were not enough, the strokes on his sweet spot…his love-starved prostate…made him gasp and clutch the covers.

“Forever, forever, please Bobbie Burns…”

They came together, in a welling of inarticulate howls and a ballet of arching bodies. He lay gasping into the bed linens, desperate to tell his poet, I love you, Bobbie Burns.

“Thomas, Thomas, don’t ever let me go.”


one ravenLinks  to the first six mysteries are on the previous post. https://romancemanlove.wordpress.com/2016/07/26/a-rainbow-bridge-under-construction/


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Some readers think Burns and Thomas need at least one more chance, now that they’ve actually found each other through a maze of fantasy and the warping of time itself.

If I write another Burns! Mystery, I think these would be the opening words to the opening chapter…

raven 3
Chapter One
Yesterday and Today

Thomas woke slowly, from a dream of such sweetness he smiled. A young boy, squatting on a low bridge, was playing with model airplanes. One was floating near the edge of the slow, shallow river. Another, tied with a grubby string, lay abandoned in the mud. He imagined that one, caked with dried clay, was his prize. He’d shot it down, and he would claim right of ownership later. For now, the lad squinted up through the canopy of rowan leaves, grinning at a figure who was standing near. “Look, Uncle Sean…”

A familiar hand tousled his blond hair, and his slow, warm voice blended with the cries of ravens feasting on blood-red rowan berries. “Good boy, Thomas. I’m glad you like them.”

He lay cradling his bed mate, whose soft breath fanned his cheek, and when he remembered the reality he stopped breathing for several heartbeats.

The man hurt the boy.

He felt a tear begin but blinked to clear his eyes and his mind. The past is just that, Thomas. Let it be.

He drew Burns closer, into his skin, and exhaled. Burns had helped him escape the manacles of the past. Maybe that’s why his vision of an old hurt was now a sweet-sad memory, nothing more.

“I love you,” he whispered into the man’s soft mustache, knowing he would not hear it. There’d be time enough for vows, if their strange pairing had any meaning at all in this new crazy-ass world, where yesterday and today had twisted into a whole new reality.

Only a few days ago, he’d awakened on the slab of an infirmary bed, his face ravaged by tears and his heart empty of all emotions except grief. His mate, his beloved, his husband-to-be was dead. He’d tried to follow him to the pit of a grave-site along the Antonine Wall near Stirling. But when he opened his eyes he was lying drugged somewhere in Dundee.

A car crash, they said. What he needed was rest, they said.

Even now, the rational side of his cop-trained mind told him the Burns he knew was not dead, because the man had never existed. And those ten months of rapture and love and wonder had been merely seven hours under the influence of some vile drug injected into his aching body.

So how could he explain Burns lying here next to him, the lump of his cock ready to stroke, even in sleep? Why was he here, in Burns’ old Victorian brownstone, a place he’d visited in his fantasy? And if his phantom lover had never existed, how in hell could he possess those gray-and-ebony eyes, the deep dimples, the voice, the very intonation, of Burns the spontaneous poet?

Being a trained investigator, Thomas had been trying to divorce his strong emotion from the facts.

He’d met Burns on February Third, 2014.

They’d become lovers through ten months of passion, interrupted by long spells of separation, until Hogmanay evening…New Year’s Eve…when Burns had walked into the high winds somewhere near Stirling Castle.

Blindly following his lover into the night, he’d collided with an oncoming car. His entire world had narrowed to a pinpoint of blackness and pain, and then oblivion.

And when Thomas had opened his eyes, it was just after midnight February Fourth, 2014, his mind brimming with a million memories of what had never been.

Burns stirred in his arms.

“Thomas Fitzgerald.”

The burr of his voice, fuzzed with sleep, was enough to send an immediate message to a cock still starved for satisfaction.

“Sleep now. You’ve been through a lot.”

Burns’ mouth sought his ear. “And you have not? The adventure has roused my blood, Thomas. I need you.”


This chapter reaches its climax on the next post, here: https://romancemanlove.wordpress.com/2016/07/27/once-more-with-feeling/


For those who have just now discovered the Burns! novellas, here is a recent Facebook promotion listing the links and a bit of artwork.


6 burns strip correx=pizap.com14693881365896

“Damn good stories… Richly erotic.”

Six MM novellas by Erin O’Quinn are ready for your enjoyment—and puzzlement. They are mysteries, they are erotic romances, and they are…well, find out for yourself how these novellas tiptoe to the edge of the paranormal and meet it head-on in #TheUnicornsSecret and #TheBurnsEnigma…

When two men meet on a lonely road, how can they guess their destinies will be woven so tightly together?

BURNS TOO DEEP: What happens when an undercover cop encounters a very desirable man who’s running from the law?

THE DUNDEE LAW: The men step far too close to a shallow grave, on an ancient burial mound in Dundee.

RED, RED ROSE: Under the roof of a gabled Victorian house in Edinburgh lie old crimes and new desires.

THE DEVIL IN FALKIRK: The men spiral apart, felled by the devil of distrust and misunderstanding.

THE UNICORN’S SECRET: The Hunt for the Unicorn brings someone even closer to the edge of another shallow grave.

THE BURNS ENIGMA: Searching for a man forever lost, Thomas finds that a new lover is even better than he could ever imagine as they both confront a killer.
The Burns! Mysteries, heat level 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶
#gay #erotic #romance #mystery #paranormal novellas
They share 34 five-star reviews on Amazon, and the first four are ARe #Bestsellers
Find the novellas, or the #box #set (Mysteries 1-4), on O’Quinn’s author pages.

Kindle US http://ow.ly/iPEF301popK
Kinde UK http://ow.ly/v8bL301pouw
ARe/OmniLit http://ow.ly/sjjh301poDl (pdf or epub)
Smashwords http://ow.ly/tdaE301poIM (epub)

Hint: choosing the #boxset #saves 62%
THE UNICORN’S SECRET and THE BURNS ENIGMA, just published, stand alone for now.

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EnigmaRoseZon=pizap.com14676853460362 copyThis is the actual cover of Erin O’Quinn’s latest Burns! Mystery, published today.

The difference between this cover and all the others? Burns finally reveals himself, by necessity of the story line. When a determined undercover detective sets his mind…and his heart…to discovering the “real” Burns, he finds an individual who’s as ambivalent and enigmatic as the “other” man.

At one point, Thomas wonders

Was he [Thomas] being given a second chance by some god who’d forgiven his many sins? Or more to the point—was Burns being granted another life somehow, through the mundane existence of a fumbling but earnest lover?

You can guess along with Thomas, as a new enigma unfolds.

Kindle US http://amzn.to/29UKC3a
Kindle UK http://bit.ly/29xABeR
ARe/OmniLit http://bit.ly/29G4QvU (pdf or epub)
Smashwords http://bit.ly/29yWKFm (epub)

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2 men tubBack by popular demand… A truly sexy excerpt from The Unicorn’s Secret. I posted part of this chapter several months ago, when it was only a rough draft. Here’s most of the chapter as published in the novella. For the happy ending, you’ll need to buy the book. 😉

Top of the Morning

Thomas dropped his shirt on the bed. He kicked off the brogans, then unfastened his trousers and let them collapse at his feet. He didn’t have to look down at his cock to know it was rigid as a broom handle, leaking with expectation, as he padded to the bathroom.

He stood in the doorway, already a little dizzy with desire, and lavished a long look at Burns.

The man must have known Thomas would stop to behold the miracle of heavy cock, marbled nipples, and luminous hair…in that order…the sight of his darkly handsome man stretched out to his fullest. His legs were crossed at the ankles, his hands behind his head, his skin from nipples to navel glistening with water drops. His gray-and-sable eyes were on the ceiling, maybe running with the splashing water, lost in another world.

Perfect. Fucking perfect.

He bent to strip off his long wool stockings.

“Leave them on, Thomas. I want you to fuck me ’til your socks fall off.”

Thomas laughed outright. How had Burns even known he was there, and what he was about to take off?

“You are sodding crazy.” He walked to the bathtub and stood with his arms folded across his chest.

“Crazy in lust. And in love, you sexy beast. Come here to me.”

He bent over the tub and sought Burns’ mouth. Their tongues collided, and he sank lower, grasping the man’s shoulders, licking his shadow-beard, moaning his delight.

“Just don’t move a centimeter, Burns.” He drew back and thumbed one stocking down to his ankle.

nude with tie 2“Stop, Thomas. It turns me on to see you half-assed dressed. Just socks, and… Put on my tie and straddle me, will you?”

Thomas saw the gray silk tie draped over the closed toilet seat and stood. He rolled his sock back up and put the tie around his neck, knotting it loosely, and walked back to gaze down at his lover.

“What now?”

“I want to be your power bottom this morning. I want you to top me and stuff me until I beg you to stop.”

Thomas glared at him, pretending annoyance. “That will never happen. And you know it.”

Burns reached up with both hands, inviting him to sit. “Och, lad. We’ll nae know until we try.”

In this small space, the steam billowed and swirled around Burns’ dark figure, like clouds around a fallen angel. Somewhere deep inside his ass, a thrumming began—his harp beginning to answer a summons.

The man’s cock, far larger than his slight frame should allow, jutted from the bath water. Thomas thought of Moby Dick and smiled. He stepped gingerly into the tub, socks and all, then squatted so that his ass-crease met his lover’s waiting flesh.

“Thomas, Thomas.” Burns spoke into his mouth while his tongue lapped and leapt, and Thomas lost his usual reserve.

“I want you, Burns. More than ever.”

“Show me, lad.” Burns toyed with the tie, drawing Thomas’ head even closer to his own while he raised his slender legs and wrapped them around his hips. “I open to you, only you. Soap me and enter me. Slow and hard.”

Thomas made sure the cake of “Angel Soft” soap, guaranteed not to chafe sensitive skin, found a home. While Burns lifted his butt from the tub, he slicked it over his balls, then into his waiting asshole, very slow. In and out again, farther each time, while his lover-poet sucked his tongue and tried to talk.

“Now, fucking now, deeper. Deeper. That’s it, Thomas. Sit on me. Fuck me, shoot your cum up my ass.”

Burns’ rich, deep accent always seemed to sing without music…urging him, stroking him, turning his bones to molten metal.

in tub copy“You almost ruined my morning meeting.” He spoke while letting Burns’ hole line up with his turgid prick, holding his lover’s ankles on his own wide shoulders.

“I hope so.”


“Nay, lad. The prick is all yours. Ease it into me. As though you have all day.”



gay erotic romance paranormal mystery, heat level 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶
A delightful review is here: http://paularadell.com/unicorns-secret-erin-oquinn-review/
And another great one is here:

secret is out geeric baner=pizap.com14667766275352

The novella is a critical one in the series. You’ll find it here:

Kindle US http://goo.gl/aqc454
Kindle UK https://goo.gl/EvzdLd
ARe/OmniLit https://goo.gl/m3lUf4 (pdf and epub formats)
Smashwords https://goo.gl/80Tw3v (epub)

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