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This notice is for Erin O’Quinn’s blog followers, a sneak preview.

During July, starting at midnight July 1, the following “sweet sixteen” gay-lit titles will be half-off, only at Smashwords.

smash litehouse

You’ll find these works in epub format, which you can read on your e-device. (Don’t worry about the discount codes…Smash will supply them when you purchase).


Here’s your link, and happy reading! http://bit.ly/1s3cf1q

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Explicit or subtle. One or the other…but not both. Right?

The Gaslight M/Mysteries

A few days ago, one of my Facebook groups had a discussion about explicit sex scenes. How far do I let my characters go? What is my most—and least—explicit scene?

I can answer both questions with one scene. 😉

Simon fights his demons in Sparring with Shadows, and no demon is so persistent as his flatmate Michael. The night before, the closeted PI had fallen asleep with Michael beside him on the large four-poster. His bedmate had promised to keep his distance…

Just remember that the boy has not yet begun to articulate four-letter words, even in his mind. What happens next is almost a chaste dream. Almost—

phallus 300Simon felt happy. A fleeting sense of well-being, of some satisfying dream just resolved, caused him to waken slowly instead of experiencing his usual jolt into reality. He was warm. In fact, an unusual kind of heat had invaded the entire…

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Color me smitten. Seduction at its technicolor best. Ah, what writing!

Suzana Writes

It wasn’t what I thought it would be when I answered the ad. “Painter’s assistant” sounded like climbing ladders and using rollers. Maybe not the best job, but it was money and until I could get that damned lawyer paid, I couldn’t rely on just gigs. I needed a place to live besides the back of my car. Divorce? Yeah, might as well just hand the lawyer a broomstick and spread ‘em the first time the … woman … says the word.

And so the ad.

But this didn’t look like a contractor’s site. It was the wrong part of town for one thing. Too high end for that.

Damn. A line of us waiting to apply. How many did they need? I had to have some cash. There are a lot of things a man can do without, but coffee isn’t one of them, and my head was already…

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Queer Tango!

Have you met my newest site?

Ac´cent Gay Lit Authors

It’s still in its infancy, but there are a few posts already to whet your whistle, like this one and a look at retro jock straps. The broad link is https://gaylitauthors.wordpress.com

I feature interviews and book reviews of gay lit authors; but I’ve also included articles, like this one, on subjects that seize my fancy.

Ac´cent Gay Lit Authors

From time to time you’ll read articles here on topics that appeal to me. This one has been burning a hole in my brain for a few years, ever since I accidentally stumbled on the smoldering, sensual dance called “queer tango.” This is a kind of reblog of one I’ve published on my site Man in Romance, with a few added images.

qt wow studio valencia.png From Studio Valencia

The expression “queer tango” is relatively new, but the smoldering dance performed between two members of the same sex (or opposite sexes performing role reversal) is probably more than a hundred years old. The subtext is irresistible… Dom/sub and sub/dom.  Let me step back to the beginning.

The origins of  the tango itself—no doubt one of the most “machismo” of traditional dance forms—is Argentina. There it evolved among the teeming immigrants during the late 1800s in crowded dance halls and even bordellos.

“They brought their…

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My first odyssey into M/M started right here, in Ireland, alongside St. Paddy…

Celtic Fire

dolmen 500 A land mysterious, untouched by the hands of the Romans, pre-Patrick Ireland was a study in ancient ways . . . a land of mighty stones, gods, and stalwart warriors.

[Disclaimer: I am far from religious. But Patrick was the muse who began my writing career. Long story. Um, 35+ titles long. 😀 ]

In about 432 AD, Pope Celestine I elevated an unknown priest to bishop and gave him a mission. He sent him as a bearer of the Gospels, or good tidings, to an island steeped in mystery and considered a place of hellish paganism. The man was of Roman heritage, called “Patricius” or “patrician one.” The mysterious place was Ireland.

From what historians and archaeologists have been able to determine, the island that the Romans named “Hibernia” was a world so protected by fierce clan warriors that the emperors chose to stay on the larger island of…

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A new blog rises from the ashes…stay tuned! Gay Lit extraordinaire.

Ac´cent Gay Lit Authors

inrut 546

I started this blog in 2013. And then life got in the way. The articles listed to the right as “pages” are backlists by now, mid-May of 2018. The content is still valid, still available for your enjoyment, part of this blog’s permanent archives. I’ll have a wave of new posts for you starting June 16, 2018, featuring some eye-popping new gay lit by talented authors I know.

Can you tell by the (rutting) deer imagery that I hail from Nevada? And yet I chose an Irish name. Go figure. It’s a long story.

Using the pen name Erin O’Quinn, I have written 35 titles. I have published (or in some cases, re-pubbed) all of them on my own New Dawn Press; and all but a few of them are M/M novels/novellas. I have also designed the covers for all but the first two “Nevada Highlander” novels.

Here’s a  handy…

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Here’s one you may have missed! Explicit passage with two warriors…

The Man in Romance

laid back clouds

This is not the most explicit passage in Warrior, Come Again. But it shows the closeness of two lovers who have been through much together, and who will go through more as this final novel unravels.

From  the chapter “Hammer and Steel”:


“Stand, and let me take your place.”

Wynn’s gut lurched, and with it, his cock. He stifled a teasing reply, sensing Gristle’s tense mood. In one swift move, he stood on the opposite side of the bed and watched the iron warrior settle onto the animal pelts, face up. By the light of the oil lamp he watched his lover’s cock, shiny with early juice, shift and rise, a mute appeal that sent blood rushing into his own stiffening flesh.

“Now. Come sit on my face.”

No matter how often he and Gris made love, each time was the first time. He let that thought shift…

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